Bórax08001 in Mons, Belgium

At the end of February, the Bórax08001 collective will travel to Mons, Belgium with the purpose of not only exhibiting their artistic jewellery, but also of showing the outcome of a collective action they carried out recently: Bórax08001‘s  members came out on the streets of different cities in Latin America and Europe and approached ordinary people with their creations.

What do you have in your hands?, the title of this action, corresponds to the question that was posed to the participants when the pieces of jewellery were placed in their hands. Their first impressions, as well as their answers, have been registered in a series of photographs and transcriptions that will be also shown in the exhibition.

The inauguration will be held on February 25, 2011, in the World Craft Council Belgium (WCC-BF) in Mons, Belgium. The show can be visited until April 17, 2011.

Flyer Exposition Bórax08001 @ MonsBórax Bijoux ContemporainsInfo Exposition Bórax08001 @ MonsLocalisation Exposition Bórax08001 @ Mons

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1 Response to Bórax08001 in Mons, Belgium

  1. Marta Miguel says:

    Felicidades de nuevo!!!, llenáis espacios pequeños prendidos al pecho, colgados al cuello, …, llenáis espacios grandes e impolutos antes mataderos,….
    Un placer el poder conocer los rostros de tanta belleza, … gracias por darnos emociones, crearnos curiosidad a aquellos que aún no hemos encontrado todas las respuestas.
    Un abrazo a todos

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