Nelly Van Oost

Nelly Van Oost
1985, Abbeville. France.

Rencontres – 2012

My creative process is a mix, an intertwining of aspirations, inspirations and paths. My artistic research sways towards my wish to model the immaterial that is within me. To turn my thoughts into objects. Numerous questions surround this part of the process: what is it made of? What are the immatierial connections that belong to my identity? How to become aware of the impalpable universe so present in our daily lives?

I’d like to find that balance within the heart of my work. The balance between what is said and what is left unsaid. Like an enigmatic game played out between the viewer and your work.

The complexity and the diversity of our world is scary. I like to believe that a work of art can offer an alternative, a parallel possibility and often different from the communal way of thinking. I wish for my work to provoke reactions and to create debates.

Necklace rencontre 2 gold rose quartz new silver

Necklace rencontre 4 gold paint new silver

Earrings silver paint new silver

Broche rencontre 14 gold agathe paint new silver

Necklace rencontre 12 gold paint new silver

Necklace rencontre 9 paint new silver