Patrìcia Correia Domingues

patricia correia domingues
Patrìcia Correia Domingues
1986, Lisboa. Portugal.


Divisions or links? Intervals or constant continuity? Oppugning the space that confines them and yet sets them free. Speculations of the matter and compliments to its manifest. They are constant and thay are slumberous. Lines provide me the matter that creates union, they question me about beginnings and endings this way the expresses reflection of what links the space-matter territories, so far apart at a first glance, yet diffused and cohabiting.

Idar-Oberstein, Germany, 2012

Landscape 1 Brooch by Patricia Domingues

Landscape 2 Brooch by Patricia Domingues

Landscape 3 Necklace by Patricia Domingues