¿Qué tienes entre las manos?-JOYA 2015

The idea behind What do you have in your hands? is to create a connection between creators and passers-by who might be unaware of Contemporary Artistic Jewellery. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the traditional artistic jewellery circuit and people who might have never heard of this form of art before, encouraging dialogue and direct feedback between creators and society at large.

Participation Conditions and Details – Step By Step

Please send us your participation confirmation no later than September 3, 2015.

By submitting your material, you automatically sign over the rights to the Bórax08001 collective to use all moving images submitted that contain your person and/or your jewellery piece, as well as the audio recordings of your voice and, thus, authorize the Bórax08001 collective to publish and disseminate these materials for non-commercial purposes, such as their use in seminars, exhibitions, and festivals under the name of the collective. You also agree to be listed as active participant in the credits of the project’s final video.

What you need to put in your bag before you go out on the streets (aka  “the checklist”)?

1) A precious jewel created by you

2) A mobile phone or camera that can record video

3) A printed copy of the authorization and release form.

How can you approach an unknown passer-by?

Don’t get all jumpy or anything, it’s not like you are going to hit on someone (that’s up to you, of course ;-)). It’s actually way easier. You could, for example, just say:

“Hi, I’m [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] and we are carrying out an art project we would like you to participate in.”

By now he/she is probably a) excited, humbled and grateful to you for considering him/her to become part of an art project, or b) really not interested. If a) or anything similar applies, then should then ask him/her:

“Would you mind being videorecorded while I show you ‘an object’ and you answer a question?”

You then turn on your mobile phone or camera, start recording, take out your beautiful jewellery piece, hand it over to your new collaborator and ask: What do you have in your hands?

Finally, don’t forget to capture that very special moment when you reveal your new collaborator that the “object” in his/her hands is actually a piece of jewellery you made. Then ask him/her if he/she would like to try your jewel on and see how it looks! 🙂

Enjoy the experience!

Once you’re done recording, don’t forget to thank him/her for his participation and ask him/her to sign the video authorization and release form. That’s it! (It wasn’t that hard now, was it?)

Afterwards you just have to send us the video according to the specifications below.


Here’s a video so you can get an idea of how we’ve done it before (although you’re free to do it anyway you want to, of course):



Materials required

The following requested materials should be sent to the collective no later than September 15, 2015:

1) Video of the action — it should be registered in horizontal format and in the highest possible quality and resolution.

2) Audio transcript of the video in English — we ask for audio transcripts in English in order to unify the material received from such an international group of artists.

3) Video authorization and release form signed and filled-out by the passer-by.

The files containing your material should be named as follows:

yourlastname.mp4 (for the video itself)
yourlastname.doc (for the video transcript in English)
yourlastname.pdf (for the video authorization and release form)

You can then place all three files in one single ZIP file named: yourlastname.zip

Due to the size of the files, especially the video, they should NOT be sent directly to info@borax08001.com, you should rather use a file-transfer service such as WeTransfer or Mega to do so, and even a plain download link will work.

Remember that requested materials should be sent no later than September 15, 2015.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this information and joining us in this exciting project!!