Bórax08001 Five Years

Today, September 13, 2015, is Bórax08001’s 5th Anniversary! And the best way to celebrate this occasion is to invite you to join us in two different events: an exhibition Bórax08001- 5 years and the special edition of What do you have in your hands? presentation/debate. Both of them taking place within the framework of Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair JOYA 2015.


The Bórax08001-5 years exhibition will show the most significant moments in our adventure as a collective. We kindly invite you to the opening that will take place on October 8, 2015 in the Sala Blava of the Escola Massana ( C/ Hospital 56, Barcelona Spain). The show will be open until October 13th, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

You can also participate in the round table we will be hosting on Saturday October 10, at 2:00 p.m. in the conference room of JOYA ’15 (Arts Santa Mònica, C/ La Rambla 7).

We have invited several jewellers to carry out the What do you have in your hands? action— a project the collective began in 2011 with the goal of making Contemporary Art Jewellery visible outside its usual channels— especially for the occasion. As part of the event we will project a video of the results and open up a discussion abut the current stance of Contemporary Jewellery, encouraging all attendees to take part and share their views with all of us.

Your point of view is also important!

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