Bórax08001 & Friends

The Bórax08001 collective is thrilled to announce that we will have 21 friend jewellers join us to carry out one of our interventions within Les Circuits Bijoux in Paris, France. This intervention will take place on September 20th at 3:30 p.m, starting at the metro station Étienne Marcel.

Guest jewellers:

Claire Lavendhomme Brune Boyer Julia Moroge
Natalia Olarte Galatée Pestre Marielle Debethune
Katharina Dettar Ulrike Kampfert Nathalie Perret
Laurence Verdier Manon Marbouty Giulia Frigerio
Edu Tarin Héctor Lasso Anne Wiedau
Sébastien Carré Andrea Piñeros Réka Fekete
Céline Sylvestre Judith Loidi Aude Medori

Many thanks to all of them!

Be there…

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